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The Rivals of Aristophanes: Studies in Athenian Old Comedy

By Myfanwy Tristram, Kenneth Dover

Author note: David Harvey (Editor), John Wilkins (Editor), Myfanwy Tristram (Illustrator), Kenneth Dover (Forward)

Due to the shortage of surviving texts through different poets, you'll be able to overlook that Aristophanes wrote for festival and that competition used to be an enormous part within the rhetoric of his comedies, in particular Clouds and Knights .

This very important examine, comprising 26 essays through best foreign students provided at a convention held on the Institute of Classical reviews in London in 1996, goals to advertise a greater realizing of Aristophanes' paintings through assessing that of his many opponents, together with Cratinus, Hermippus and Eupolis, who usually triumphed over Aristophanes at significant civic fairs.

The papers additionally contemplate the facts for Aristophanes' rival poets in different resources, significantly painted vases. The chapters are divided into 5 sections: enhancing comedian fragments, poets of outdated Comedy, the transition to heart Comedy, literary issues and social subject matters.

Kenneth Dover, W Geoffrey Arnott, Wolfgang Luppe, Ralph M Rosen, James Davidson, S Douglas Olson, Dwora Gilula, David Harvey, Jeffrey Henderson, David Braund, Giorgos Kavvadias, Ian C Storey, Thomas Braun, Heinz-Guenther Nesselrath, Keith Sidwell, N J Lowe, Bernhard Zimmermann, Stephen Colvin, Michael Silk, Angus Bowie, John Wilkins, Nick Fisher, Andrew Dalby, Edith corridor, Christopher Carey, Alan H Sommerstein, Paola Ceccarelli, Ian Ruffell.

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Thirteen; Lys. 21. 2; Arist. Ath. Pol. sixty one. 1 with Rhodes 1981 advert loc. (680–2); Gabrielsen 1994, esp. 43–102. 3Most of the data which follows can be present in diverse kinds in Snell, TrGF I 128–31; Davies 1971, 283–5; and Sutton 1987, 17–8. Cf. Platnauer 1964, 136–7 on Ar. Peace 791–5 and MacDowell 1971, 326–7 on Ar. Wasps 1501. 4τινές Δᾰτιν λέγουσι τὸν τραγικὸν κακῶς ὑπονοοῠντες ἐκεῐνος γὰρ υἰὸς ἦν Kαρκίνου, ουτος δ’ ὓπαρχος Пέρσων (‘Some say that Datis is the tragedian, that is a foul conjecture. For he was once a son of Karkinos, however the guy stated here's the Persian commander’). I keep on with van Leeuwen 1888, 435–8 in believing that the mysterious Datis (TrGF 34) is to be pointed out with Xenokles I, if with somebody. For Datis the Persian commander opposed to the Greeks in 490 BC, remembered for sending threatening messages to Athens after the sack of Eretria, cf. Hdt. 6. ninety four. 2; Plato legislation 698c–d; Diod. Sic. 10. 27. 1–2; Raubitschek in Schauenburg 1957, 235–6; Lewis 1990. 5Halliwell 1984, 83–7; cf. generally Lefkowitz 1981 and Fairweather 1974. 6For the weasel as a standard house-animal, if no longer unavoidably a puppy, see Arist. Hist. Anim. 609b28–30 with Benton 1969 and Lloyd-Jones 1975, 76–81. For its thievishness, cf. Semon. fr. 7. 50–6 West2; Ar. Wasps 363–4, Peace 1150–2 and Thesm. 558–9; Plut. Mor. 519d; Lucian Pisc. 34; Keller 1909, 164–71. the alternative of verb displays the weasel’s tendency to grab its sufferer via the throat. 7van Leeuwen 1906, 126 on 793–6: ‘Vesani hominis notula δρᾰμα ἐποίησε τοὺς Mὺας non est digna quae refellatur, nedum in commentarios recipiatur’ (‘The short word through a few loopy individual declaring that “He wrote a play known as The Mice” isn't worthy refutation, not to mention point out in commentaries’). 8That ‘we don't have any exterior facts for a victory via Cratinus within the 450s’ (Rothwell 1994, 245) is inappropriate, on condition that now we have little company proof in regards to the chronology of comedian performances in that interval in any respect, and Ar. Knights 526–35 correctly establishes Cratinus’ dominance within the ‘older new release’ of poets sooner than Aristophanes (cf. Peace 700–3). 9Sommerstein 1987, 136 advert loc. For Kantharos’ conventional position within the comedian victors’ lists, see Geissler 1925, 2, 6–7. 10For the importance of the time period τραγῳδός within the 5th century, see Pickard-Cambridge 1988, 127–9. 11Sutton 1987, 9–26, esp. 10, with the additions and corrections of Slater 1989, eighty n. 25. 12Ar. Peace 802–8 – the importance of which has been debated considering the fact that antiquity (Σ VT) – may be interpreted to intend that Morsimos and Melanthios (TrGF 23) have been brothers, during which case Melanthios might additionally belong to the relations of Aeschylus. in the event that they weren't brothers, and if Melanthios’ brother (Peace 807–8) is as an alternative one other unidentified tragedian, we now have facts for another fifth-century kinfolk containing a number of tragic poets. Morsimos and Melanthios are pointed out jointly back in a comic book fragment preserved in Satyros’ lifetime of Euripides (POxy. 1176 fr. 39 col. xv. 33–9). See now Olson 1998, 228–9 advert loc. 13Alternatively, Stephanos is expounded to be the son of the comedian poet Antiphanes (Alexis T 1 K-A = Suda α 2735).

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