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The Language of the Papyri

By T. V. Evans

The fashionable rediscovery of the Greek and Latin papyri from Egypt has remodeled our wisdom of the traditional global. we won't, in spite of the fact that, make an analogous declare within the particular region of language examine. even though very important experiences of the language of the papyri have seemed sporadically over the last century, we're nonetheless dealing this day with a linguistic source of remarkable richness which has hardly ever began to be explored. each scrap of papyrus and each ostracon (potsherd) or capsule unearthed has the aptitude to alter a few point of ways we expect concerning the Greek and Latin languages. This e-book show that power, by means of collecting jointly essays from seventeen students who current numerous views and methodological techniques. The Language of the Papyri charts present instructions of overseas examine, and also will supply a stimulus for destiny work.

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737. 14 Ku¨hn). sixty three Them. Or. 15. 186 c (i. 271. 1–3 Schenkl/Downey). therefore the emphasis in Eutropius’ characterization (8. 19. 1) of Severus as praeter bellicam gloriam etiam ciuilibus studiis clarus is altered in Paeanius’ translation, [ . . . ] ìbí okayí ôïýôïØ# ºÆìðæü#, ïPå wôôïí äb okayí ôïE# ðïºØôØŒïE# (ed. Lambros, 1912). Authorial Revision of Linguistic sort ninety three Demareus additionally laid a lot emphasis at the interrelation of the constituent parts of the sentence. In general written functionality, either literary and non-literary, articular nouns (A1N1, A2N2) after a preposition (P) could be hooked up through both ôå . . . ŒÆß or an easy ŒÆß, in line with the next styles: (a) P A1N1 ŒÆd A2N2 (ŒÆd . . . ), (b1) P ôå A1N1 ŒÆd A2N2 (ŒÆd . . . ), and (b2) P A1 ôå N1 ŒÆd A2N2 (ŒÆd . . . ). Demareus’ letter monitors (i) one instance of (b1) in addition to a case of ôå intervening among the preposition and a reputation, (ii) cases of (a), and (iii) a case of first-hand correction of (a) to (b1), viz. ðåæß ôå ôB# #øôÅæßjÆ# #ïı ŒÆd ôïF ôÝŒíïı ™ìHí. sixty four The mixed presence of (i) and (iii) unearths a liking for correlated constitution instead of strung-up devices of utterance, for ôå . . . ŒÆß presents a better connection than easy ŒÆß. His propensity for orderliness is paralleled in different papyrus texts, the place a wish for corresponsive constitution appears to be like to have triggered the insertion of forward-pointing debris comparable to ôå and particularly ìÝí. facts of the previous is located in a freelance of the early Roman interval, the place the particle ôå is additional above the road by way of the most scribe (BGU IV 1149, l. 25; thirteen bc). The latter is exemplified by way of Lollianus’ carefullycomposed draft of a petition to the emperors Valerian and Gallienus. At an early level of composition he defined his supplication as ¼ºıjðïí ôHØ ôB# ðüºåø# ºüªøØ, ŒÆôa ôe äØŒÆØüôÆôïí äÝ ìïØ _ _ _ïF#Æí, ‘not harmful to the town fund, but in all justice beneºı#Øôåº ficial to_ _me’. sixty five At a later degree he inserted ìÝí above the road after ¼ºıðïí. by way of advantage of its preparatory functionality, ìÝí weakens the impression of the äÝ-clause as a novelty at the reader. sixty six while such interlinear insertions of ôå and ìÝí contain some extent of premeditation, misuse of corresponsive debris may possibly suggested speedy intervention of (self-)correction despite sixty four P. Oxy. VII 1070. Examples of (b1): ll. 9–10, 33–4; of (a): ll. 22–3, 36–7; correction of (a) to (b1): ll. 3–4. sixty five P. Oxy. XLVII 3366, ll. 61–2 ¼ P. Coll. Youtie II sixty six, ll. 61–2, textual content C. the interpretation is the editor’s. sixty six at the impact of sequences divided via ìÝí and äÝ at the reader see Dover, Evolution, a hundred and fifty five. ninety four R. Luiselli the functionality of the textual content and the get together for which it really is written. an exceptional instance of this can be supplied via the erasure of ŒÆß in Iðe ìbí j . . . [[ŒÆd]] Iðe äb . . . in an legitimate account of sums accrued for crown-tax within the reign of Elagabalus (ad 218–21). sixty seven 6. R E G ISTE R i've got already touched on questions of check in. sixty eight Purism has a distinct pertaining to this subject inasmuch because it is a constituent of upper types.

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