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Reclaiming Late-Romantic Music: Singing Devils and Distant Sounds (Ernest Bloch Lectures)

Why are one of the most cherished and often played works of the late-romantic period—Mahler, Delius, Debussy, Sibelius, Puccini—regarded by means of many critics as might be no longer really of the 1st rank? Why has modernist discourse endured to model those works as overly sentimental and emotionally self-indulgent? Peter Franklin takes an in depth and even-handed examine how and why late-romantic symphonies and operas instructed a fancy path among modernism and mass tradition within the interval major as much as the second one global battle. The style’s carrying on with acceptance and its domination of the movie tune idiom (via paintings by way of composers similar to Max Steiner, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, and their successors) deliver late-romantic track to hundreds of thousands of listeners who've by no means set foot in a live performance corridor. Reclaiming Late-Romantic Music sheds new gentle on those frequently unfairly disparaged works and explores the ancient measurement in their carrying on with function within the modern sound global.

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