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Philosophy Through Video Games

By Jon Cogburn, Mark Silcox

How can Wii Sports educate us approximately metaphysics?

Can taking part in World of Warcraft result in higher self-consciousness?

How will we know about aesthetics, ethics and divine attributes from
Zork, Grand robbery Auto, and Civilization?

A number of more and more refined games are swiftly overtaking books, movies, and tv as America's most well-liked kind of media leisure. it truly is expected that by means of 2011 over 30 percent of US families will personal a Wii console - concerning the related percent that owned a tv in 1953.

In Philosophy via games, Jon Cogburn and Mark Silcox - philosophers with video game adventure - examine the cultured attraction of games, their impact on our morals, the insights they offer us into our realizing of perceptual wisdom, own identification, synthetic intelligence, and the very that means of lifestyles itself, arguing that games are well known accurately simply because they interact with longstanding philosophical problems.

Topics lined include:

* the matter of the exterior World

* Dualism and private Identity

* synthetic and Human Intelligence within the Philosophy of Mind

* the assumption of Interactive Art

* the ethical results of Video Games

* video games and God's Goodness

Games mentioned include:

Madden Football, Wii Sports, Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, Sims Online, Second Life, Baldur's Gate, Knights of the previous Republic, Elder Scrolls, Zork, EverQuest Doom, Halo 2, Grand robbery Auto, Civilization, Mortal Kombat, Rome: overall War, Black and White, Aidyn Chronicles

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