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I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel

By David Shields, Caleb Powell

An impassioned, humorous, probing, fiercely inconclusive, nearly-to-the-death debate approximately lifestyles and art—beers included.

Caleb Powell regularly desired to turn into an artist, yet he overcommitted to existence (he’s a stay-at-home dad to 3 younger girls), while his former professor David Shields consistently desired to develop into a individual, yet he overcommitted to paintings (he has 5 books popping out within the subsequent 12 months and a half). Shields and Powell spend 4 days jointly at a cabin within the Cascade Mountains, enjoying chess, capturing hoops, mountaineering to lakes and an deserted mine; they rewatch My Dinner with André and The journey, relax in a scorching bathtub, and discuss every little thing they could ponder within the identify of exploring and debating their relevant query (life and/or art?): marriage, relatives, activities, intercourse, happiness, medicinal drugs, dying, betrayal—and, after all, writers and writing.

The relationship—the stability of power—between Shields and Powell is in consistent flux, as egos try and undermine one another, personalities overlap and cave in. This booklet seeks to deconstruct the Q&A structure, which has roots as deep as Plato and Socrates and as vast as Laurel and Hardy, Beckett’s Didi and Gogo, and Car Talk’s Magliozzi brothers. I imagine You’re Totally Wrong additionally seeks to confound, up to attainable, the divisions among “reality” and “fiction,” among “life” and “art.” There are not any academics or scholars right here, no interviewers or interviewees, no masters within the universe—only a chasm of uncertainty, in a discussion that continues to be dazzlingly provocative and interesting from begin to finish.

James Franco's model of I imagine you are completely fallacious into a movie, with Shields and Powell striving mightily to play themselves and Franco in a assisting function, can be published later this yr.

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