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Economy and Economics of Ancient Greece (Routledge Explorations in Economic History)

By Takeshi Amemiya

Addressing the lack of literature that has been written in this key point of financial background, Takeshi Amemiya, a well-known prime economist dependent at Stanford collage, analyzes the 2 diametrically hostile perspectives in regards to the specific nature of the traditional Greek economic climate, placing jointly a huge and entire survey that's exceptional during this field.

Partly a section of monetary background, in part a critique of utilitarianism, this booklet explores all components of the Athenian economic climate, together with public finance, banking and production and alternate in addition to discussing the ancient, cultural, political and sociological stipulations of historic Greece and the historical past during which the economic system developed.


As a instructor of an undergraduate path at the financial system and Economics of old Greece, Takeshi Amemiya has written an incisive textual content that's ideal for undergraduate scholars of financial background, Greek historical past and tradition in addition to a being an invaluable reference element for graduates and of substantial curiosity to classicists at any point.

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19). 428 390s 392 Eisphora two hundred abilities (Thucydides III. 19. 1). check of eisphora by means of males totaling 4,000 drachmas (Lysias XIX, 3). Eisphora zero. 2 percentage (Ecclesiazusae, 1007). The Athenian economic climate of the 5th and fourth century ninety seven 378 people with lower than 25 minas of estate have been excluded from eisphora (Jones 1986, p. 29). 377–357 Eisphora 15 abilities consistent with 12 months, this means that zero. 25 percentage of 6,000 skills (Demosthenes XXII, 44). 4c 50 skills have been anticipated from eisphora (Davies 1981, p. 23). Metoikion 12 drachmas a 12 months for males and six drachmas for ladies. 12 ´ 30,000 + 6 ´15,000 = seventy five skills (J. A. C. T. 1984, p. 188). There could have been three-obols tax on each slave owned (Boeckh 1842, p. 332). there have been taxes on prostitutes (Boeckh 1842, p. 333). Export–import tax 413 within the latter a part of the Peloponnesian struggle, while the tributes declined, Athens imposed five percentage import–export tax within the ports of the allies (IGII2 28, Boeckh 1842, p. 325). 399 36 abilities (Andokides, at the Mysteries, 133–4). This 12 months was once quickly after the Athenian defeat; hence, the alternate used to be at a low aspect (Hopper 1979, p. a hundred; Boeckh 1842, p. 318). 390 Thrasybulos took Byzantium and imposed a ten percentage toll on all items shipped throughout the Bosporos strait (Isager and Hansen 1975, p. 23). 5c–4c 2 percentage import and export and 1–2 percentage in keeping with head tax for slaves raised 38 skills. Slaves who observed viewers have been additionally levied (Andreades 1933, pp. 282–83). 4c 2 percentage import tax on grain could have raised 8–16 skills a 12 months. 4c there have been harbor dues charged for using docking privileges at Peiraieus (Michell 1957, p. 257). Xenophon in methods and capability proposed bettering the dock amenities at Peiraieus, most likely to extend sales. rentals on silver mines Hopper (1953, pp. 200–54) thinks that the kingdom profit from the leasing of the silver mines in 342 used to be a hundred and sixty skills. within the part “Trade’, it used to be pointed out that Andreades (1933, p. 272) believed that the nation bought 50–100 skills a yr from the leasing of the mines. Mattingly (1968, pp. 170–472) believes that during addition to the rentals, the miners needed to pay 10 percentage in their overall silver output to the nation. Goldsmith (1987, p. 260) thinks the complete output from Laureion could have been approximately 1,000 skills. if this is the case, 10 percentage may yield a hundred skills a 12 months. ninety eight financial system and Economics of old Greece Rents from public land No numerical figures. Epidosis Epidosis is a personal contribution made in line with a public decree. Theophrastos, Characters 22, “Lack of Generosity” (3): “When emergency contributions (epidosis) are introduced in an meeting, he both is still silent or will get up and leaves within the midst” (Loeb Classical Library, 1993, p. 129). Demosthenes gave eight skills towards the crusade opposed to Euboea and Chersonesus. Aristophanes gave five abilities towards the crusade opposed to Cyprus (Andreades 1933, p. 349). courtroom charges (Boeckh 1842, pp. 354 and 379) PRYTANEIA (IN deepest swimsuit) Paid through either the plaintiff and the defendant: three drachmas for 100–1,000 drachmas and 30 drachmas for 1,001–10,000 drachmas – EPO BELIA (IN PUBLIC fits) 1,000 drachmas Fines Fines imposed through boulè on eisangelia have been 50 drachmas.

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