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Ancient Greece (Collins Gem)

By David Pickering

From theatre to politics, no different unmarried civilisation has inspired the Western international extra profoundly than that of historical Greece.

From the roots of democracy to philosophy and arithmetic, it’s attention-grabbing to profit how a lot western civilisation has stemmed from that of historic Greece. This ebook deals an creation to the lives of the traditional Greeks, their mythologies and traditions and their tradition and learning.

With color illustrations helping a transparent, informative and interesting textual content, this consultant is an ideal better half for either adults and youngsters alike.

• Geography – map of Greece
• historical past – the several civilizations from the Minoans via to the Hellenistic period
• faith – gods, fairs, oracles and muses
• Mythology – Homer's Odyssey, the Minotaur, Icarus
• everyday life in historic Greece – way of life for all degrees of society; the roles, family members lifestyles, relaxation activities
• Politics – democracy and the Athenian council
• studying and information – philosophy, science,
mathematics, medication and literature
• conflict – very important wars; the military and navy
• Greece this present day – temples, archaeology and the monuments that may nonetheless be visible today

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Alexander the nice reports below Aristotle. 338 BC Greece loses independence after defeat in conflict opposed to Macedon. 336 BC Alexander the nice turns into king of Macedon. 334 BC Alexander the good starts 11 years of campaigning in Asia Minor. 323 BC Alexander the nice dies at Babylon. throughout the Classical interval, exchange within the zone flourished, bringing titanic wealth to the city-states. as soon as the possibility posed via the Persian Empire were effectively fended off, historic Greece turned the major energy within the recognized international. Athens, the house of the world’s first democracy, attracted the best artists, philosophers, writers and scientists and was once justly celebrated for its creative and cultural brilliance. THE GOLDEN AGE historic Greek civilization reached a height within the years following the defeat of the Persians in 479 BC. nice achievements have been made within the parts of literature, structure, the theatre, technology and philosophy. one of the nice names which are linked to the interval are the Athenian chief Pericles, the playwrights Sophocles and Euripides and the historian Herodotus. the guidelines of the Greek philosophers, specifically, have been to turn into the basis blocks for destiny western ecu civilization. ATHENIAN DECLINE The outbreak of the Peloponnesian Wars among Athens and Sparta signalled an finish to historical Greece’s Golden Age. Athens was once struck through plague and following a few extra setbacks – corresponding to the failure of an army excursion opposed to Syracuse on Sicily – it underwent political upheaval, leaving it prone to assault. It used to be besieged and fell to the Spartans. even though democracy was once quickly restored, Athens by no means regained its former glory, yet Sparta fared little larger. inside of 50 years, Sparta and Athens, including the remainder of Greece, fell lower than the domination of the Macedonians. THE PERSIAN EMPIRE prior to the Athenians may get pleasure from what was once to turn into their Golden Age, that they had to determine off the probability posed through invading Persians. The Persians got here initially from what's now Iran, and through 485 BC their empire had accelerated to soak up Assyria, Egypt and Lydia, together with the Greek colonies of Ionia. The Persian military was once bold. so much feared of all have been the Immortals, an elite regiment of 10,000 warriors. Persian invaders have been defeated at Marathon in 490 BC yet overcame heroic Greek resistance at Thermopylae in 480 BC, occurring to smash Athens. The Persian danger used to be eventually fended off after the decisive Greek victories at sea at Salamis in 480 BC and on land at Plataea in 479 BC. THE HELLENISTIC interval 323–30 BC 323–322 BC The Greek states stay less than Macedonian keep an eye on after defeat within the Lamian Wars. 322 BC demise of Aristotle and Demosthenes. 287 BC The scientist Archimedes is born. 279 BC Northern Greece is invaded by means of the Gauls. 224 BC The Colossus of Rhodes is destroyed through an earthquake. 214–205 BC warfare breaks out among Macedon and Rome. 212 BC Rome conquers Syracuse and Sicily; Archimedes is killed by means of a Roman soldier. 197 BC The Macedonians are defeated by means of Rome and lose keep an eye on of Greece.

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