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A Commentary on Thucydides, Volume 2: Books IV-V. 24

By Simon Hornblower

This can be the second one quantity of a three-volume ancient and literary statement of the 8 books of Thucydides, the good fifth-century BC historian of the Peloponnesian conflict among Athens and Sparta. Books iv-v.24 hide the years 425-421 BC and include the Pylos-Spakteria narrative, the Delion crusade, and Brasidas' operations within the north of Greece. This quantity ends with the Peace of Nikias and the alliance among Athens and Sparta. a brand new characteristic of this quantity is the entire thematic advent which discusses such subject matters as Thucydides and Herodotus, Thucydide's presentation of Brasidas, Thucydides and kinship, speech-direct and indirect-in iv-v.24, Thucydides and epigraphy (including own names), iv-v.24 as a piece of artwork: leading edge or simply incomplete? Thucydides meant his paintings to be "an eternal Possession" and the continued value of his paintings is undisputed. Simon Hornblower's remark, by way of translating each passage of Greek commented on for the 1st time, permits readers with very little Greek to understand the aspect of Thucydides' inspiration and subject-matter. a whole index on the finish of the amount.

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V. 57-61: Immenvahr, 117 n. 119 Th. i. thirteen. i . hereditary basiletai-and their gerea/\\d\. vi. fifty six IT. : H2 Th. i. thirteen. 6 (cf. iii. 104. 2), Polykratcs and Rheneia/not in Hdt. : see H three, 124 Th. i. thirteen. 6. Massalia/I Idt. i. 166 IT. : H 2; Kennelly, 107 Th. i. 14. 2-3, Athens and Aigina/Hdt. vii. a hundred and forty four. 2, cp. vi. 49-50, 85-93: Jac. 505; HCT; H 2 Th. i. 15, /ww-mention of First Sacred War/absent from I Idt. additionally: N. Robertson, CQ 28 (1978), 50-1; H three, a hundred twenty five; Kennelly, 68-70 Th. i. 15. 3/Hdt. v. ninety nine Lelantine struggle: C/S; Stein; HCl] H 2; Kennelly. 69-70 Th. i. 17. Pisistratid loss of achicvcment/Hdt. i. sixty four. 1-2 and v. seventy eight: Schneege, 28; Immerwahr, two hundred n. 28; H 2 Th. i. 18. i , Spartan deposition of tyrants/Hdt. v. sixty five and v. ninety two: Schneege. 28-9; H 2; H three, 127 Th. i. 18. 1, Spartan eunomia/H6t. i. sixty five: Immerwahr, 199 n. 27; H three, 126; Kennelly, 123 IT. Th. i. 20. 2, fall of Pisistratids/Hdt. v. fifty five (Th. and Hdt. agree at the necessities and Th. is perhaps contradicting a few 3rd party); Schneege. nine; U. v. Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Aristoteles und Athens, ii (Berlin. 1893), io8-2o;J. okay. Davies. APF446ff. ;R. Thomas. OralTradition andIWritten list in Classical Athens (Cambridge. 1989). ch. five; D. M. Lewis. CAH iv (1988), 287-300; H 2; Kennelly, 138 IT. [see additionally on Th. vi. fifty four IT. ] Th. i. 20. three Pitanate lochos/Hdt. ix. fifty three. 2: Bibliography vast. See esp. Schneege, nine; C/S; Macan; Jac. 505; Schm. St; HCT; H. T. Wade-Gery, EGH seventy six f. ; D. H. Kelly, 'Thucydides and Herodotus at the Pitanate Lochos', GRBS 22 (1981), 31 IT. ; N. Jones, Political association in historic Greece (Philadelphia, 1987), eleven; H 2; Kennelly. 128 IT. Th. i. 20. three, votes of Spartan kings/Hdt. vi. fifty seven. five: Schneege, eight; C/S; Macan; How and Wells; Jac. 505; Schm. -St. ; HCT; H 2; Kennelly, a hundred thirty IT. Th. i. 2i. 2, marvelling/Hdt. preface: J. Cobet, in I. Moxon. J. clever, and A. Woodman (eds. ), prior views (Cambridge, 1986), eight; T. Scanlon, Historia, forty three (1994), a hundred sixty five Th. i. 22. four agonisma/\\6\. passim: 1 H2 Th. i. 23. x-3 Persian Wars/Hdt. vii. 19-21 and passim: Schneege, 37 n. three; Jac. 506; H 2; D. M. Lewis, op. H I , 108, 202 Th. i. 23. 6 explanation for Peloponnesian War/Hdt. vi. ninety eight. 2: Schneege, fifty three Th. i. 32. i and four, Corcyracan isolationism/Hdt. vii. 168, cp. a hundred forty five: Schneege, forty seven »39 Introduction- Annex B Th. i. forty-one. 2, Corinthian mortgage of 20 ships/Hdt. vi. 89: C/S; U. Köhler. RA Mus. forty six (1891). five n. 1; Macan; L H. JelTery. AJP eighty three (1962). forty nine n. 10; H 2; H three. 132; Stroud. 277 and n. 12; Kennelly, 77-9 Til. i. 60. 2. etc.. Aristeus son of Adcimantos/Hdt. vii. 137, and so on. : Westlake, Essaya (1969)74-83; H three, a hundred thirty five f.. and spot less than below Th. ii. sixty seven Th. i. sixty nine. five Xerxes' military from all Asia/Hdt. vii. 157. 1: Sehneege, 38 Th i. seventy three. four. Marathon/Hdt. vi: Sehneege. 37-8; H 2; ok. R. Walters. RA Mtts. 124 (1981). 204 Th. i. seventy four. i . variety of Ath. ships at Salamis/Hdt. viii. forty four, forty eight and sixty one: C/S; ok. R. Walters. R/i. Mus. 124 (1981). 199; H 2; Kennelly. 85-7 Th. i. seventy four. I , Salamis fought 'in the narrows'/Hdt. viii. 6oß: H 2 . H three , 128 Th. i. seventy four. i . Themistokles stored Peloponnese/Hdt. vii. 139. 3-4 and one hundred forty four. 2: Sehneege. 38; Immerwahr, 139 n. 177 Th. i. seventy four. three. Athens 'a urban which did not exist'/Hdt. viii. sixty one. 1: C/S;H3. 128 Th. i. seventy five. 2. starting of Delian League/Hdt.

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