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A Commentary on Thucydides, Volume 1: Books I - III

By Simon Hornblower

This is often the 1st quantity of a two-volume historic and literary observation at the 8 books of Thucydides, the good fifth-century B.C. historian of the Peloponnesian battle among Athens and Sparta. Exploring either the old and literary features of the paintings, this observation offers translations of each passage or word of Greek commented on and permits readers with little wisdom of the language to understand the aspect of Thucydides' paintings. Making obtainable the element of Thucydides' inspiration and subject material, this can be the 1st whole remark written through a unmarried writer this century.

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Notice that Th. makes no reference to thirteen. four the place the connection among Corcyra and her mother-city Corinth has already been adum­ brated. three. Suva|i. is neyaX r] Kai TroXudvSpwrros: ‘powerful and populous’. Epidamnus was once the later Dyrrachium (Durazzo), on the western finish of the later through Egnatia. It managed the shortest crossing from Greece to Italy, which ran a bit to the south, and used to be consistently a spot of import­ ance, in Byzantine occasions ‘the western key of the empire’: Gibbon, Decline and Fall, ed. Bury (London, 1896), vi. 196. four. u>s X e y e ra i: ‘is said’. by way of whom? most likely oral informants. distinction iii. ninety four. five, a trifling expression of warning (the Aitolians ‘are stated’ to devour uncooked meat; see n. there). Westlake, ‘Xeyerai in Thucydides’, Mnemosyne, 30 (1977), 345 ff. , at 357, indicates Hekataios because the resource the following. five. o Stjixos a u r u v £|eSi(i)|c to u s S u v a r o u s : the prime males have been overthrown and pushed out through the people’. the 1st suitable occasion of the complete war-narrative is an episode of the ‘class struggle’, on which see extra iii. 82-3, introductory n. 6. Seofxevoi . . . KaTaX uaai: ‘begging . . . positioned an finish to’. In impact a small speech—the first in Th. —though given in oblique speech. it's going to be judged through the factors given at 22. 1. it'd be silly to disclaim it the prestige of aXr]0d)s XexOevra, ‘what was once really said’, even though it is repeated, mutatis mutandis, at 25. 2 and Th. can have labored out the mandatory alterations (appeal to city; entice provider of oikist) for himself. 7. TauTa eight e iKCTai Ka0e£6|j. evoi i s to ''H p aiov: ‘sitting as suppliants within the temple of Hera’. For ‘supplication’, iKereia, see the superb article byj. Gould, ‘Hiketeia’, JH S ninety three (1973), 74ff. ; supplication should be head to head, as at the battlefield, or—as within the current passage—by touch with an altar or different sacred flooring. See additionally The Corcyra Episode i. 25. four Parker, Miasma, 18 1 ff. , who develops this contrast among ‘help me’ supplication (as right here) and ‘spare me’ supplication, for which see iii. 70 ff. and nn. (Corcyra). Gould and Parker agree that ‘spare me’, or ‘battle­ field’, supplication is a ‘crisis extension’ of the opposite, basic, type. 25. 1 . €v duopu) eixovTo eight eous: ‘to Delphi’. in this session see the $64000 learn by means of R. C. T. Parker, ‘Greek States and Greek Oracles’, CRUX, 298 ff, at 310 : it was once acceptable for Delphi to accommodate ritual ties bobbing up from colonization, yet at the current party the problem had critical political implications. Texts like this help Parker opposed to the fully secular photo in M. I. Finley, Politics within the historical global (Cambridge, 1983), ninety two ff, opposed to which see additionally M. Goodman and A . J. Holladay, ‘Religious Scruples in historical Warfare’, CQ 36 (1986), 1 five 1 ff. word that the Epidamnians seek advice Delphi, now not the older and (for them) a lot closer oracle at Dodona: this exhibits that Delphi’s status used to be nonetheless paramount after the Persian Wars (against the concept Delphi ‘medized’ see Parker, 318).

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