Lori’s Donair is a Langley, BC based business in Canada.

Since 1996 Lori and her family have dedicated themselves to creating the tastiest Donairs around.

The Lori’s Donair family have built a loyal customer base through the many events and functions they have vended over the years. They are overwhelmed with pride and humility when those same customers frequent their Langley or Annacis Island location for a casual lunch or as an outing with their families.

Lori takes great pride in individually preparing each Donair to the absolute satisfaction of her customers and she enjoys seeing her regulars each and every day. Lori believes in getting to know her customers and their families on a more personal level and to build a strong and trusting relationship for the future generations to come.

“We are so humbled and thankful when a customer chooses to spend their hard earned money at our business when there are so many other dining choices out there to choose from. I personally want to thank each and every one of our customers for your loyalty. The beautiful comments we get from you, “Our Customer” on our Donairs and business is truly humbling. Thank you for “cheering us on” year after year. It keeps us wanting to give you the very best of ourselves and our food but especially a reason to go about our day. It is so rewarding to make you happy and put a smile on your face. You have made it very easy for us to continue creating the tastiest Donairs around for you.” ~ Lori

With the success of Lori’s Donair and after hundreds of requests to package up her Famous Recipe Sauces and Seasoning, Lori has finally done it! Her products include the Lori’s Famous “Original” Donair Sauce, Sweet Sauce and the Mediterranean Meat Seasoning which are available for purchase.